About Me

Kelsey Cain is a native born Utahn. Growing up hiking and camping in the mountains of Utah, he has always loved nature and being in the outdoors. As he enjoyed and witnessed the beauty of nature, he felt the desire to record it and share it with family and friends. His first quality camera gear was purchased in 1986. His travels have taken him through all of the Western states including Canada and Alaska as he has photographed.

Kelsey photographs exclusively with Nikon cameras and lenses, uses fine grained new technology transparency films and prints on the finest quality papers. His goal is to produce photography of the highest quality both technically and artistically. He seeks for the unique and intriguing. As a photographer, he believes that preserving our world and our heritage begins with capturing its essence on film. His efforts enable many others to share and enjoy these wonders. This is the vision of nature as he has witnessed it through his viewfinder.